Monday, September 19, 2011

Mei Li is OURS and We are Hers!!!!! :)

Mei Li and Mama
The girls snuggling and playing with sleep masks
Mama feeding Mei Li. . . Mmmmm. . . noodles!!!!
Waiting for our ride! Windy!!!!!
Baba, Jeh Jeh and Mei Li!!!!
A kiss for Baba!

Today has been the most amazing, blessed and awe inspired day of our whole journey to China, so far. . . and rightly so. Today, our beautiful little girl who was born in our hearts was finally placed in our arms. We were not sure what to expect. We are from the other side of the planet, we look different, smell different, and we certainly sound different from anything she has ever experienced. The orphanage has been her "home". The other children have been her family. The orphan mommy (nanny) has been her only mama she has known. There is no guessing how a child is going to respond to all of the trauma of this change.

We heard Mei Li before we saw her. Her vibrant, happy voice bounced down the hallway to greet us before we saw her little smiling face. Then, she appeared. As soon as she saw us, she yelled out, "Mama!!! Baba!!! Jeh Jeh!!!!". She came right to me, sat in my lap and kissed me on the cheek. She grabbed the Gerber Graduates and went to town eating. She drank her apple juice and was delighted that Minnie Mouse was on the cup. She was all smiles the entire time we were at the Civil Affairs Building. She told her orphan mommy "Tsai Chen" (goodbye), and we made our way to the van to go back to the hotel.

Since we have returned to the hotel, we have had a fashion show of all of the new outfits we brought for Mei Li. She would grab one and start stripping her clothes off. She has played, run around the room. . . she is a firecracker of energy!!! Mama is pretty worn out! :) But, in a GOOD way! She is SO happy. Her favorite item, it seems is her toothbrush, strangely enough. She has brushed her teeth so much, we had to hide the toothpaste. Haha!!! She eats like a CHAMP!!!! She has pee-peed in the potty about 5 times. She is an absolute angel!!! She calls to me when she needs anything. "Mama, gore lie!!" I have learned that phrase very well. It means "Mama, come here" . When Geoff and Anna Grace ran out to pick up a burger at the McDonalds, she immediately starting asking where they went. I took her to the window and she pointed out saying "Baba, Jeh Jeh.. . Gore lie!!!" (Daddy, Big Sis, come here!) :) She is already attaching to us and is understanding who her family is. Praise the Lord!!!!! That is HUGE!!!!!
We are praying we will get to visit the orphanage this week to see where Mei Li has spent the first 4 years of her life. There is no guarantee as of now. But, if overwhelms to to know that there are 150 million orphans (such as our precious Mei Li has been until today) in this world, and they all need "Mamas and Babas". It breaks my heart to think our sweet Mei Li could have grown up in an orphanage and never known a family. And, the outcomes for children who grow up in orphanages are heart-breaking. They are considered the "unlucky ones" in society, so for the chance to have a good education, or marry into a good family is slim to none. We may not be able to change the futures of all 150 million, but we can make a difference for at least one!! And, I'll let you in on a little secret. The "real blessing" is on "us". This little precious one has already blessed our hearts and changed our lives for the better---and I have had several conversations with the Lord today thanking Him for this incredible opportunity to love and be loved by this wonderful child!!! She is ours and we are hers. . . and we call her daughter.
Here are some pics for you to enjoy of our morning, and a video is on its way soon!!


Allison said...

Crying tears of joy for you!! Mei Li is gorgeous and looks so happy in with her family. So, so happy for you all!!

Sharon said...

GORGEOUS, PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL....AT LAST!!! So happy for all of you!!!

Happy tears for all of you, sweet friend! :)

The Strings said...

We are so excited for you!! Love all the pictures. Your faces are just beaming!! I could hardly read your post through the tears.

Shan said...
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Shan said...

I had a hard time reading through the tears, too! I'm so very happy she's in your arms! We serve an amazing God! As you are a blessing for Mei Li, she is the most beautiful of blessings for you!
I'm praying that things continue to go well for you all!
Many Blessings!
ps Sorry about the deleted comment. I didn't think it went through.

Debi said...

So exciting! And so wonderful to see you together FINALLY! Had to "keep it together" as I am at work.

Grampa & Gramma Whitney said...

Darling I am so happy for you and can't wait to have my turn at loving on our newest granddaughter. Mei Li welcome to the family and all your extended family awaits your arrival. We all send our love.

Lisa said...

Oh happy tears and joy a'plenty sweet Mama!

She is beyond beautiful and those smiles just melt my do your loving words for this miracle girl!

Thank you for sharing this journey with us and if you are listening really hard ( like when you have a quiet moment?? LOL) you might hear my joyous screams of delight and that long awaited happy dance!!

SO SO very happy for you all on this incredible day!!