Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Medical Exam. . .

Well, today was our first day in Guangzhou. We have an incredible guide and China adoption coordinator walking us through. I don't think you can get any better than Rebecca and Lily. But, today was a necessary evil. . . the medical check-up. And, this week is a BUSY week for Guangzhou processing adoptions as they are trying to get families pushed through before the Chinese holiday coming up the first of October. So, what that amounted to was a packed waiting room of crying little ones. There was really no where to go to be private and wait your turn. We stood in line and waited our turn. You could see and hear the other little ones getting their check-ups. It's just the way it is. . . but, it makes it tough on the little ones. One gets scared and cries and the whole group joins in, and before you know it, you have a whole room of screaming babies. None of them were being hurt at all. They were just getting checked. But, most of these children have had hospital and doctor encounters before due to their special needs. So, they were terrified. It was hot and packed and very loud.

Mei Li was in a state! She cried and cried until she wore herself out while we waited in line, pointing to the door and begging to leave. What's insane was that she cried through the physical check-up and line wait. But, she didn't flinch when they gave her her TB skin test shot at the end of the visit.

One funny moment today, though. . . Mei Li informed me that she needed to "pee pee" while we were waiting for her Visa picture. So, I ask our guide to show me to the restroom. There are only Chinese potties in the restroom---no western toilets. If you don't know what a Chinese potty looks like, it is basically a hole in the floor with little places to put your feet on both sides. Geoff and I refer to the potty styles as "sitties" (Western style American potties) and "squatties" (Chinese potties) . Mama has not mastered (or even tried) the Chinese potty. And, I had my chance to try to help Mei Li use one today. Did not go well!! Haha!! First off, trying to get her feet placed properly (wide) with her pants on but pulled down far enough was an issue for me. Then, I'm holding her carefully over to let her go, and her little sunglasses (which I had carefullly tucked in my shirt) fell out and straight down the toilet. I gave up and went to get our Chinese guide to help us out. Whew!! I guess losing the sunglasses was better than dropping her in the potty. Hahaha!!! It was truly comical!

We have some wonderful days ahead and the hardest part was today! I'm happy that it is finished and Mei Li can smile and giggle for the rest of the trip. :)