Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Day with our Mei Li :)

We had a tour today in Shanghai. We went to the famous Bund and it was amazing!! The city on one side of the river is Old Shanghai and the city on the other side of the river is the new Shanghai. It truly is a beautiful city!!

We went with another family and their little one, and after a short tour of the Bund, we made our way to the aquarium. The kiddos enjoyed it. Mei Li was a little afraid, at first, of all the fish behind glass. She has never seen anything outside of the walls of her orphanage, so she had to test things out and make sure it was all okay. It doesn't take her long, though. Mei Li is a very high-spirited, outgoing little soul. So, she was ready to run before long. I have to pull her back and hold her more than she would like. Although, I am thankful she reaches for mommy most of the time. She loves to be held by me. But, her little foot has a pretty bad wound on it that we are trying to get to heal, a pressure ulcer caused by her brace at the orphanage, and I let her walk very little. I'm so worried that her wound will get worse. Her little foot turns on its side when she walks (as she had surgery for a club foot a few years back) and she literally walks on her ankle. That is exactly where the wound is. Mei Li is a little firecracker who doesn't like to sit still for long. She is loving and lovable and loves to be held by mommy, but trying to keep her off her feet with her high energy is a full-time job. That is why my blog posts have been less since we got her. And, thankfully, we just got a stroller!!!! This little happy bundle we call Mei Li is pretty heavy in these arms unaccustomed to holding a little person!!! Haha!!! I will now have great biceps! And, as much as I'm running after her to keep up, this is best weight loss program on the market!!! :)

Have I mentioned how crazy we are about this precious little person??? She is so smart and so sweet and so full of mischief!!! She is sleeping well (although it takes her a while to go to sleep. That seems to be the time that she grieves for her friends and her nanny at the orphanage whom she calls "orphan mommy". She cries quietly for a while every time she lies down to sleep. I lie next to her and console her and tell her I love her, not to worry and that we will take very good care of her. After a little while, she cries it out and falls asleep.) Once she falls asleep, she sleeps all night. She loves to brush her teeth, take showers, she goes potty and tells me every time she needs to go. She truly is an amazing little girl!!! We love her very much!!! Oh, and have I mentioned Mei Li eats like a champ??? OH YES, she does!!!! :) She also loves her Big Sis, too!! She kisses her and shares her snacks!!

Anyway, I need to try to get little missy down for a nap so I gotta scoot!! But, just wanted to update and let you know how it goes!!! It goes GREAT!!!! :D


Shan said...

We couldn't have made it without a stroller there! Bedtime was the only time Raeanna cried, too. She would sit straight up and didn't want the lights out. I think they're used to shift changes during the night and waking up to different people, and I believe Raeanna feared that was going to happen with us, too. Raeanna didn't seem to miss any one person. I'm sure bedtime is when the grief would really hit them and the fear of the unknown, as well. It only lasted 2-3 days with her.
Mei Li is beautiful and it's obvious she's a happy, spunky little girl who is blessed with a much better life now than she has ever known before!


EPW said...

That's awesome. So glad you got to go to an aquarium and that the girls had a good time. Anna Grace is never going to want to leave all that fun!! Keep the updates coming.